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Unknown Unknown

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Melodies are ok, maybe a bit basic for this style of music, but it doesn't reduce my listening experience. I dont really like the sound of that piano however. I'm sorry, I can't really describe why, but there just is some piano sounds that I dislike ><.

I would've preferred some more ambient noises, especially at around 1:00, to give it more vast and spacey feeling. Also a bit more variation in the chord progressions would've helped.

Mixing, as far as i can tell is quite good. Though I don't think that I have the most trained ear for that. But I think that you kinda overdid that bitcrushing at the end :P

In the end I'm really not that sure that what rating I should give to it. I wouldn't listen to this on it's own, but as BGM in a game it could work.

Anyways I hope that you found my ramblings even vaguely helpful :P

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Zechnition responds:

Yes, I think something is wrong with the piano, I just don't really know what. Probably a bit too much reverb of something. Ambient noises, definitely what I'm working on now. Yeah, the bitcrusher at the end was a little bit too much. :P Thanks for your ramblings! =D

Chrysalis Chrysalis

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Damn your stuff is intense!

I really don't have anything wrong with this. Everything is perfect, from the sinister vocals to the bass and the drums. From the little darkstep I have heard (I think Current Value's stuff is darkstep?), this easily takes the top spot along your Orbital Decay.

Now we only have to get you to 50 fans... Otherwise you should definitely release an album, I know I would buy it!

See ya in the finals ^^

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Demon-Wolf responds:

I'm glad you mentioned Current Value, because he's the one who got me into the whole electronic music thing. I will release an album eventually, but it's too soon to tell when. Anyway, thanks for your review.

Omikron Omikron

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is pretty great! I always like when the track has that certain 'liquid' feeling to it

Loving that beginning, so calm and mysterious. The transition at 0:30 was way too sudden though.

The drop is good, lots of different synths filling the whole frequency spectrum! Drums are tight and powerful, but for some reason the kick feels to drown a bit. Maybe use some more sidechaining?

Also there may be a bit too much of different stuff going around at different times, it feels quite chaotic at some points, which prevent me from fully immersing myself to this.

But overall very solid track! I Would've put this under house or dance, but that's me nitpicking :P

ggaero responds:

Thank you and good luck in the final round :D