Some stuff

2017-05-24 02:54:25 by EverReverb

First of all, I should probably apologize for my inactivity. I haven't really felt like producing in the past months.

@Johnfn's contest NGCHIPS really helped me to break my block and I actually finished a track! Thank you for that ^^

I will not make any promises of trying to make more frequent uploads because when I do... Well the opposite happens.

I'll however try to enter every future NGCHIPS contest, so maybe there is hope after all!

Nary finally entering steam!

2016-07-30 13:06:49 by EverReverb

Nary is going to be relsed on second of August!

As seen, it features original soundtrack produced by me and @MysteriousPresence

So if you wish, make sure to get a copy when it comes available :)

Music featured on a game!

2016-05-10 14:16:39 by EverReverb

First of all: sorry for my inactiviness during these past months.

I have been working on a soundtrack for a game currently in steam greenlight, developed by @Khud0. It is an 'endless runner' style platformer.

I have made the soundtrack for the levels while @MysteriousPresence has produced the soundtrack for shops and menu.

I will eventually upload the level music on newgrounds too. There will be seven different songs in total: four unique and three alternate versions.

And if you wish, vote for us in greenlight ^^

In other news; I have also been working on other stuff, which you will hopefully be able to see one day!

Merry Christmas!

2015-12-25 14:45:50 by EverReverb

Everyone :D

It's been wonderful here. All the support I've got is amazing, and people overall have been very friendly :) I feel that 2016 will a be a great year.

I also got my hands on Komplete 10 ^^

Now back to work and hoping I finish my piece for the final round of NGMT in time...