Nary finally entering steam!

2016-07-30 13:06:49 by EverReverb

Nary is going to be relsed on second of August!

As seen, it features original soundtrack produced by me and @MysteriousPresence

So if you wish, make sure to get a copy when it comes available :)


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2016-07-31 08:21:34

For a Geometry Dash clone (semi-rhythmic run and jump), I like how original it looks. The whole "running in a desert to music" bit looks amazing -- like, you've taken it to look free as the wind.

Wonder who programmed this.

EverReverb responds:

He is @Khud0, a very nice and talented fellow :)


2016-07-31 18:14:03

Looks awesome...i can see some GD mechanics But this is Great! Thumbs up here man!

(Updated ) EverReverb responds:

Thanks man ^^! In my opinion it looks like a combination between GD and Magic touch with some new unique features added.